Rebecca Treston discusses whether a beauty fridge is an essential piece for storing skincare items

Looking at Insta feeds, it seems that a packed beauty fridge has superseded the bathroom “shelfie” as the definitive way to showcase your armoury of beauty products; but a beauty fridge is simply a marketing gimmick. Whenever a product is released into the market it has to go through stability testing, which shows that a product is stable, that it will not decompose at room temperature, and that it’s not going to lose its efficacy even once it’s opened. Unless it was sold at the retailer in a refrigerator, there’s no need for you to refrigerate the product.

The only real exception to this would be some natural or organic formulas, which if kept unrefrigerated may expire after a month due to oxidation. But the manufacturer or retailer would advise this at the time of purchase.

Of course, for the beauty lover who has everything and wants to enjoy a spa-like atmosphere at home, then a cute beauty fridge might make a lovely addition to the bathroom – and just as cucumber slices were used in the past, colder products can help reduce puffiness.

Remember though, if you are planning to use a a beauty fridge for storage, set the temperature in a safe range between 12-16 degrees celsius..