Do you take an anti-aging supplement?

anti-aging supplement

Collagen is one of the most plentiful and naturally occurring proteins present in the body, and over time it declines with age. This diminishing supply causes the structure of the skin to weaken and reduce in volume, giving way to visible signs of premature aging. However, the right supplements can absolutely boost collagen and maintain a plump and youthful glow.

MedColl isn’t just any anti-aging supplement, it contains a formula that combines innovative cosmetic knowledge with medical science. The scientifically unique formulae consists of a certified patent pending complex which combines collagen pre-cursors, hyaluronic acid, which are required by the body for the formation of collagen (collagen synthesis). HA, along with a high load of antioxidants, protect collagen and elastin fibres from degradation and other potent anti-aging natural compounds.

The mechanical properties of the skin, such as elasticity, suppleness and strength are supported by an underlying network of cells containing collagen fibres and elastin tissue permeated with hyaluronic acid, a sponge like jelly. This scaffolding of cells can become damaged and flattened by degradation giving rise to the loss of the skins’ contractile properties.The skin becomes thinner and loose, resulting in wrinkling, fine and deep wrinkling, static wrinkling and furrowing of the skin and skin roughness.

MedColl provides the body systemically with vital protein precursors and potent antioxidant supplementation. The compounds provide the body with the precursors required for the formation of new collagen, and therefore, replenishes the defective collagen throughout the body, whilst the high antioxidant load protects the collagen from being broken down and degrading due to oxidative stress by free radicals.

Why take a supplement?

Scientific researchers conducted by the University College Dublin shows that ingestible collagen is subjected to “enzymic degradation”, which means the collagen is simply broken down in the stomach by enzymes and excreted in the normal manner within 24hrs. Thus, proving it inefficacious, whilst collagen suspended within a cream or emulsion and intended for topical application will not be able to penetrate the epidermis as the “Tropocollagen” molecule is far too large, so similarly an ineffective use of collagen.

By internally supplementing and enhancing the body’s underlying support network with collagen, this not only improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also delays the effects of further aging of the skins structure. MedColl assists in replenishing, maintaining and protecting collagen, HA and elastin fibres that improve the elasticity, flexibility and appearance of the skin.

MedColl supplements are priced at 299 AED, (1 box contains 60 capsules – 1 month’s supply) and are available to purchase from leading UAE pharmacies. For more information visit


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