Lars Skjoth, Founder & Head Scientist at Harklinikken (hair clinic in Jumeirah) shares tips to make your hair healthier

  1. Eat unprocessed nutrient dense food – foods that are whole have much higher nutritional content.
  2. Partake in moderate exercise on a regular basis (even a 10-minute daily workout at home can work wonders).
  3. Get a good night’s sleep as often as possible. Prepare for good sleep by not drinking caffeine after 5pm, not eating too late and doing relaxing things at least an hour before bed, like reading or going for a walk.
  4. Work towards minimising stress. Stress increases production of several stress hormones including cortisol, which can impact hair loss in a negative way.
  5. Check for vitamin-D deficiency. Lack of vitamin-D may impact your overall health and your hair in a negative way.
  6. Use haircare products without ingredients that harm the scalp and hair. If using traditional products, try to keep them from contact with scalp and only apply to the hair. In some cases, this isn’t possible, like for men with short hair. At Harklinikken we offer a comprehensive range of products void of problematic ingredients (such as sls, sles, perfume, essential oils, colour, silicone, petrochemicals or parabens). Our shampoos, conditioners, leave-in hydration and styling products all play an active role in our science-based proprietary Extract treatment program to reverse thinning hair.
  7. The sooner you start preventing hair from thinning, the better your potential improvement. Stopping or minimizing hair loss, as the natural phenomenon occurs, is the best way forward.