PARTNERED CONTENT: This liquid gold oil – that hails from Morocco – has numerous benefits for, you guessed it, your skin. But did you know argan oil works wonders on your locks too? Over the years, it has gradually made an appearance in hair care as it’s packed with Omegas, antioxidants and Vitamin E

We know, not everyone has jumped on the apply-oil-on-your-skin bandwagon as yet. It’s something we fear, given the consistency and of course the urban myth of oil clogging your skin. But there are certain oils that transform skin. Castor oil, for instance, decreases excess oil on acne-prone skin and helps hair and eyelashes grow quickly. Coconut and avocado oil have also become a significant element of hair and skincare routines as they are hydrating and packed with nutrient-rich ingredients.

In the case of argan oil, it’s quite versatile as it isn’t too heavy on skin, so it doesn’t clog pores; it can be used for cooking, and you can use it from head-to-toe. On your skin, use it to reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone (it consists of Vitamin E). It also acts as a major anti-inflammatory for red, reactive skin, and controls skin’s oil production by balancing out sebum levels. The oil also contains Omega fatty acids, linoleic acids and high levels of antioxidants. Apply a drop or two on the palm of your hands, rub together to warm it up a bit and gently tap onto your face. Your skin will absorb it instantly, giving you a radiant glow-y sheen.

What else can you do with a bottle of argan oil? Make a mask, hydrate hair, improve your scalp condition, and so much more.

Five Ways To Use Argan Oil on Your Hair

The use of argan oil on hair is an age-old beauty secret that helps hydrate and soften hair. Essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants protect it against UV rays and free radicals. Here are a few ways to use it:


  1. Apply a drop or two on the palm of your hands, rub together to warm it up a bit and gently tap into your skin all over your face.


  1. Use it as a hair mask. Vitamin E helps smoothen out frayed hair and split ends. Leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes to let the Omega fatty acids strengthen your hair from the roots.


  1. If you have curly hair, use a few drops on your hair after a shower. The oil provides a subtle gloss to your strands and will prevent it from frizz while defining curls.


  1. Use it as a scalp treatment. If you suffer from dandruff, scalp inflammation or dryness, argan oil will hydrate your scalp and prevent it from being red and itchy.


  1. Dab a few drops of oil onto your hair before using any heat products. Argan oil is nourishing and conditioning for the hair and provides great slip so that you can style it easier (see below)


How To Transform Your Hair This Summer?
Hask Argan Oil Hot Oil Hair Treatment

For a quick nourishing fix, place the tube under hot water for a minute, twist off the tip and apply a generous amount of this from roots to ends. Massage into hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off.


Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine and Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

This lightweight, alcohol-free oil gives your hair a glossy sheen without the greasy residue. Use a coin-sized amount of the Healing Shine treatment for that silky smooth and glossy finish; or pick the Deep Conditioning treatment to repair split-ends, chemically-treated and over-processed hair – ideal after a visit to the pool and beach as it locks in moisture.


Hask Argan Oil 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray 

This miracle product boasts five amazing benefits. Formulated with argan oil from Morocco, the special blend of ingredients is designed to pack your strands with moisturizing and conditioning agents that help restore dry and damaged hair. Use it to condition and detangle hair, add shine, repair and control frizz, provide thermal protection and prevent it from breakage.

All Hask products are best used with the Shampoo and Conditioner for optimum results. Available at leading supermarkets and Boots