There is a solution to all-year round protection for your locks and it comes in the form of Davines masks

Haircare brand Davines have unveiled their new range of masks dubbed The Circle Chronicles. The five new masks feature natural ingredients with a common denominator: an immediate cosmetic performance. Each is filled into a large sachet with a cap that can be placed back on after every use. Get the collection and slip one into your gym-and weekender-bag, when you aren’t using it at home.


Created to treat pollution and climate conditions, this anti-pollution and antioxidant treatment revives, purifies and breathes new life to hair. The cocktail draws out impurities such as dust and heavy metals, and is enriched with matcha tea, to fight free radicals, and 100% natural eco-certified bamboo charcoal to detox hair.


Hydrate and de-tangle your hair in just 3 minutes. Suitable for all hair types, this extra conditioning mask is great for those in a hurry. The mask is enriched with hyaluronic acid for moisturizing power and 100% natural red clay – which is rich in iron – to remove hair impurities.


Babassu butter helps detangle hair, restoring it to its soft, silky state with plenty of volume. The yellow clay is rich in copper and iron, helping re-compact the hair structure to make it healthier and stronger. This mask helps revive locks that are dry and damaged due to heat, styling, sun, chlorine and frequent colouring.


An illuminating hair mask that adds instant shine. If you feel your locks are dull and lacklustre, use this treatment enriched with moringa oil. The ingredient is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, helping you deeply moisturise your hair without weighing it down.


Your hair needs a dose of energy, volume and hydration from time-to-time. Use this on your hair and scalp after a flight, night out, and when you need to relax. It’s also ideal after exposure to extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, UV rays) as it boasts rhodiola extract and violet clay, both of which are rich in kaolin and aluminium and possess rebalancing and anti-toxic properties.

Available for $10 (Dhs40)per 50ml sachet on and