Moremo Skincare and Haircare provide high-quality natural ingredients for great results

Gentle formulations and delicate extracts make up the Moremo skincare range that’s ideal for those who have sensitive skin. It includes a mild and hydrating Foaming Facial Cleanser, an Amazonian Pink Clay deep-cleaning Facial Cleanser, a deeply moisturising Facial Essence for a youthful glow, a hydration-boosting Toner, ‘More Moist’ & ‘Quick Soothing’ Mask Packs and a protective Sun Stick with maximum SPF.

For your locks, the range is packed with naturally derived ingredients sourced from the furthest corners of the desert, deep oceans and Earth’s other extreme environments. Weak and damaged hair can be restored with the light & nutritious Hair Essence Oil, a rejuventating and nourishing Hair Treatment, an enriched repairing Shampoo, a sulfate-free scalp purifying Shampoo and a miracle liquid Hair Treatment for intense softness and moisture.

The Moremo skincare and haircare ranges are now available to purchase from selected branches of Tips & Toes with prices starting from AED99.75.