Hormones are one of the leading causes in hair loss for both men and women. Find a Miriam Quevedo for every concern

Miriam Quevedo


The hormone responsible for hair loss is dihydrotestosterone also known as DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone. High levels of DHT, miniaturize hair follicles, shorten hair’s growth cycle, resulting in hair that is thinner, brittle, and falls out faster. Hormonal hair loss effects men and women differently. In men it’s typical to see a horseshoe-like hair pattern or a receding hairline. Women on the other hand tend to experience a thinning across the entire scalp making hair appear noticeably scarce.

Additionally, women experience hormonal imbalances post pregnancy and during menopause which leads to hair loss. During pregnancy hair loss is often decreased due to high levels of estrogen, increased blood volume and circulation. Postpartum however, your hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone drop along with your blood volume causing hair that was anchored to your scalp during pregnancy to fall out all at once, referred to as telogen effluvium. Similarly, during menopause women have lowered production of estrogen and progesterone, causing hair to grow slower and become thinner. A decrease in these hormones also triggers an increase in sensitivity to male hormones such as DHT which shrink hair follicles, resulting in hair loss on the head.

Other factors of hair loss include nutritional deficit, stress, genetics and the natural aging process. Environmental and inflammatory aging caused by seasonal changes, photoaging, pollution, chemical procedures (color and keratin treatments), and over styling with heat tools also play a role. If you think your hair loss is linked to medication or an underlying medical condition, it’s important to speak with your doctor. The good news is that most often hormonal hair loss is treatable. Follow these steps below to help treat your hair loss:

Reduce Stress

It’s important to keep your stress levels in check to prevent a hormonal imbalance. Try meditation, yoga, make time for yourself and exercise regularly to keep stress at bay.

Take your vitamins

A balanced diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins is the best way to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to promote healthy hair growth, as well as preventing breakage and making your hair appear thicker and healthier overall. Vitamins and minerals are also effective when applied topically. They can penetrate the scalp to deliver essential nutrients to cells, as well as ensuring proper cell division and optimal hair growth.

For a cocktail of eight essential vitamins (A, B2, B5, B8, C, E, H and PP), you could also try the Extreme Caviar Hair Loss regimen. Vitamins A, C and E act as antioxidants that protect the capillary structure from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Additionally, they work to nourish the scalp and prevent hair from drying out. Pro- vitamin B5 (Panthenol) has nourishing properties, repairs damaged hair, reinforces and protects. Vitamin B2, B8 and H regulate sebum production. Finally, Vitamin PP (Niacin) improves circulation, and ensures that the scalp and hair follicles are well nourished.

Additionally, our 5 trace elements complex – comprised of magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and silicium – provides hair with vitality and activates the cellular mechanism of the scalp. It delivers essential nutrients to the scalp to ensure optimal hair growth and prevents 5-alpha reductase from converting testosterone to dihydrotes tosterone (DHT).

Exfoliate your scalp

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, which is why it’s so important to incorporate scalp
care into your routine, especially when trying to prevent or treat hair loss. Our Extreme Caviar Exfoliating Scrub Scalp Mask is a luxurious pre-treatment that rejuvenates the scalp and prepares it for subsequent treatments with effective, gentle exfoliation. It detoxifies skin cells, removes dead skin and neutralizes scalp imbalances, thus removing impurities such as product residue that can clog pores and hinder healthy hair growth. To keep your hair extra healthy during the cold months, apply this treatment to the scalp (in partings of approximately 3cm/1 inch apart) once a week. Leave on for five to 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Your scalp will feel revitalized.

Choose the right shampoo

It should tackle hair loss through micro-circulation, our Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Special Hair Loss Shampoo delivers essential nutrients directly to the heart of the hair follicle. Fortified with a multi-vitamin 8 complex and 5 trace elements, it inhibits the formation of DHT – the leading cause of hair loss – and repairs and strengthens damaged hair to prevent breakage. It also works to regulate the sebaceous glands; when excess sebum builds up on the scalp, it clogs the
hair follicle and hinders healthy hair growth, eventually resulting in thinning hair and hair loss. Too little sebum causes the follicles and roots of the hair to become undernourished.

Eventually, the hair becomes dry and brittle, resulting in hair loss. Finally, it restores hair’s natural hydrolipidic film while our keratin and collagen peptides hydrate and form a protective film from root to tip, repairing and strengthening damaged hair to prevent breakage.

Make your hair more resistant

For a more intense treatment, the Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Bio-Regenerative Shock Treatment for Hair Loss contains over 20 active ingredients which penetrate the hair and scalp that work on multiple levels to help treat and prevent hair loss. The luxury active ingredients penetrate the hair and scalp and help to stimulate, activate and prolong the hair’s growth phase and follicle fortifying phase, making hair more resistant. It improves micro-circulation in the scalp, enabling nutrients to reach the roots. This helps to thicken hair, increase growth density and fight the aging process. Fortified with cegaba, a scientifically proven growth factor, this treatment can stop and revert hair loss. It promotes stronger, thicker hair and averts follicle death and reduces sebum and dandruff.

Keep your locks conditioned

Dry, brittle hair is more likely to break. Keeping your locks hydrated and moisturized will help to prevent this from occurring. Our Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Conditioner Balm, formulated with caviar, provides vitality, hydration, nutrition and shine and treats the five most common symptoms of unhealthy hair: split ends, eroded cuticles, premature hair loss, lack of vitality, and irregular sebaceous glands. The balm works to restructure broken down keratin, all while restoring hydration, strength, and elasticity for more vibrant, youthful-looking hair. For extra nourishment, apply our Extreme Caviar Intensive Anti-aging Luxe Masque once a week as well.