Danish hair restoration clinic, Harklinikken, has unveiled a product that treats hair loss in women and men

Here in the UAE, we all suffer from hair loss. We tend to blame it on the quality of water, however, that actually isn’t the cause. Buildings sometimes don’t clean/drain their pipes as often as they should, which is why there tends to be a lot of harmful build up – that’s invisible to the naked eye – coming through your shower head. While we can take precautions, such as installing a filter or washing hair with Evian, there are other topical products that we can be used to promote hair growth.

Harklinikken – the renowned hair restoration clinic on Jumeirah road – have released a proprietary liquid extract, which when applied to the scalp daily, leads to stimulation of hair growth. The clinic’s experienced hair specialists first assess clients and determine those who can be helped. Candidates can expect to see results after 3-4 months of treatment, both in terms of re-growth and improvement of quality and texture of the new hair. The extract consists of derivatives from burdock root and marigold that have been combined in a three-step fermentation process, each, individually adjusted throughout the treatment, as clients progress through the different stages.

So whether you suffer from hair thinning or hair loss issues, take a trip to Harklinikken to get treated. All their haircare products, from shampoos to conditioners, styling products and leave-in nourishing masks, contain no artificial colour, perfume, silicone, sls/sles, petrochemicals, parabens or other problematic preservatives.