If you’re eco conscious or would like to shop sustainable products, not just for your body, but hair too, you’re in luck. Davines have launched A single shampoo; the first completely carbon neutral product that takes its inspiration from its very own formula philosophy, raising the bar of sustainability and transparency.

In developing A Single Shampoo, Davines decided to create its own formula criteria, which redefines the concept of natural origin ingredients with more restrictive rules compared to the widely known international certifications used. This move is meant to bring higher transparency, knowledge and awareness in the sector and create an opportunity for thoughts regarding the current use of materials and ingredients.

A Single Shampoo is a delicate shampoo for daily use on all hair types. Its formula guarantees hydration and suppleness, packing a satisfyingly powerful cleansing and conditioning punch, whilst maintaining the quality and performance of a professional product. Despite its traditional characteristics, it is highly innovative in several ways. Out of respect for the environment, its formula is 98.2% biodegradable with 95% natural-origin ingredients. For maximal sustainability and transparency of communication in this regard, only ingredients with no synthetic elements are considered to be of natural origin (i.e. only 100% natural-origin ingredients). This standard differs from those commonly used by other brands in the cosmetics sector to define “natural” products, in that it is far more restrictive.



The active ingredients are 100% natural origin. A conditioning agent derived from quinoa guarantees soft, shiny, highly combable hair. A multifunctional carbohydrate provides hydration and nourishment. It also contains an exclusive surfactant made from olive oil obtained partly from the Quercetano Olive Slow Food Presidium of Tuscany, which was set up by Davines in 2017 in partnership with the “Slow Food Foundation” to help protect biodiversity with the goal of saving this olive variety from extinction.

Finally, it contains surfactants derived from palm oil certified by RSPO, a non-profit organisation working to ensure oil is produced according to environmental and social criteria that minimise the impact of cultivation on the environment and local communities.

The formula is free from colours, silicones or animal-derived products and contains:

  •  100% natural fragrance from a range of essential oils: Roman wormwood, clove and geranium provide the top notes; rosemary and lavender the heart notes; and patchouli and cedar wood the base notes.
  • 100% natural added preservatives.
  • 100% ingredients traceable to the country of origin.



A Single Shampoo is a fully recyclable plastic bottle made from renewable vegetable sources – sugar cane from South Brazil – instead of fossil fuels. It has been designed to be emptied fully, to avoid wasting the product. The container is also designed to require less plastic – 48% less than the average weight of 250 ml bottles produced by the brand’s main competitors. Moreover, the packaging is comprised of only single-material components to facilitate recycling by eliminating the need to separate. The packaging has also reduced the impact of transportation: its optimised design takes up minimal space, making it possible to transport more bottles per green pallet, with reduced volume and use of materials.

Finally, the carbon dioxide emissions generated throughout the entire life cycle of the product are 100% compensated through proprietary reforestation projects supported entirely by Davines. A Single Shampoo is produced and packaged in Davines Village in Parma, Italy, using CO2-compensated energy from 100% renewable sources. These results, intended to maximise the global sustainability of the product, are derived from the measuring principles of the SLCA (Sustainable Life Cycle Assessment) procedure, by which it is possible to evaluate every way in which the product could impact on natural resources, the environment and society during its entire life cycle: from raw materials and production to use and disposal.

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