The Spirit of Dubai unveils a unisex fragrance Turath just in time for Ramadan and Eid


Dubai Turath, which translates to heritage or legacy, is from the woody, oriental and spicy olfactive family. The Spirit of Dubai scent stems inspiration from the heritage of the mysterious land of Dubai, where ancient culture seeps into you, enriching you with its poetic beauty.

Turath takes you on a journey of a Bedouin falcon-master – the explorer with a majestic bird in hand accompanied by an Arabian women enjoying a leisurely stroll on the sands. Along their way, they come across a group of nomads indulging in freshly-brewed qahwa, dates and dry fruits, set against the backdrop of a Bedu tent, a dhow anchored by the shore, palm trees waving in the breeze and camels journeying under the crescent moon in the starlit sky.
The Spirit of Dubai Turath scent comprises the essence of jasmine and vanilla blended with the earthy flavours of patchouli and leather, enhanced with scents of ambergris and smoky notes.
Available for $325 (50ml) and $425 (100ml), via
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