Byredo launches a new unisex fragrance 

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According to Byredo, “The slow dance: A rites-of-passage moment for both girls and boys before they metamorphose into women and men. A feeling of exhilaration tempered by awkwardness, a heady collision of innocence and experience, not knowing and knowing, felt across countries, cultures and time.”

The scent, a bitter-sweet, rich and intoxicating distillation is redolent of warm skin. Traditional elements, particularly resins and balsams, envelope a timeless sensuality through scent; like an ancient incense, utilised for a contemporaneous rite, that of the slow dance.

The oriental amber fragrance boasts top notes of Opoponax; Geranium, Labdanum and Violet at the middle, and base notes of vanilla and patchouli.

Envelope yourself in the aroma, by misting your locks with the hair fragrance and moisturising with the hand cream.

From $160 (50ml) at Byredo