Ex Nihilo launches the ultimate travel companion

The EX NIHILO Voyage Collection is a set of luxury travel cases and smart kits that protect your most precious fragrance as you jet-set across the globe.

Its new laser engraved foam packaging will protect your precious travel vials (7.5ml) from light, heat and shocks. The compact size has been designed to carry five units of your favorite scent, and to perfectly fit in your hand luggage. Futuristic graphic design evokes speed and movement and is inspired by luxury aeronautics codes. The case is perfectly compatible with the HEXAGONE travel case.

The HEXAGONE is a collection of luxury travel cases designed to carry the EX NIHILO 0.25 fl oz. Eau de Parfum vials. HEXAGONE is a reference to the French country’s nickname as well as the six sides of the iconic logo. It combines timeless functionality with the House’s revisited Art Deco signature and can perfectly be carried in a woman’s purse as well as in a jacket pocket. It’s available in two colors, white and black.

The Addiction and Attraction 5X Travel Vials are $166, while the Hexagone Travel Case is $124. Available at Bloomingdales and Selfridges

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