Aesop’s States of Being: Aromatique Room Spray Trio gathers three interior fragrances taking their titles from locations significant to Ancient Greece — Cythera, Istros and Olous

Cythera references an ancient city on the Ionian island of the same name, linked to the goddess Aphrodite. The robust blend of Neroli, Geranium and Patchouli is complemented by Ambrette and Myrrh – a stirring, warm, woody aroma.

Istros is named for a lively settlement of the early Archaic period, situated on the western coast of the Black Sea. An uplifting blend of Pink Pepper, Lavender and Mimosa, it is layered with warm undertones of Cedar and Sandalwood, and a lingering hint of Tobacco.

Olous honours a prosperous Cretan city-state mentioned in the epics of Homer and lost many centuries ago to the Mediterranean seabed. It combines Grapefruit, Bergamot and Jasmine, matched delicately with Galbanum, Cardamom, Cedar and Incense.

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