Repair your body from within with these wellbeing supplements

DR. BARBARA STURM Repair Food ($106)

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Repair Food from skincare genius Dr. Barbara Sturm combines expert medical research with leading-edge science. The natural, skin-loving compounds boost your complexion and improves your body’s overall health. This potent, concentrated anti-inflammatory supplement combats inflammation throughout the body, simultaneously improving the function of your joints, muscles and organs. Purslane, Dr. Sturm’s core ingredient, widely clinically studied for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, telomerase activating, nutritive and repairing effect, heals both skin and body at a cellular level, while zinc aids in the division of cells and ellagic acid (pomegranate skin extract) provides antioxidant protection.
ANATOMĒ Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal Support ($32)

This blend of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients are specifically designed for women. Easily absorbed into your body, the supplements provide a multitude of benefits: vitamin A maintains your immune system and vision; vitamin D is essential for healthy bones; vitamin B complex balances hormones and supports the nervous system. Meanwhile, folic acid helps with the development of a healthy foetus; iron reduces excessive fatigue; sea kelp keeps your thyroid in check; and a series of amino acids stabilize hormone levels. To improve your metabolism, manganese is added to the blend, while iodine creates thyroid hormones needed for growth, regulating metabolism. Great for your hair, skin, energy levels and hormone balance, these vegan supplements are an effective addition to the daily health regimen.

MOON JUICE Brain Dust Sachet Box ($45)

Derived from plants, this cocktail of vitamins, minerals and extracts revitalizes the most integral organ of our body, the brain. It boosts your acuity, enhances concentration and improves mental capacity so you feel almost instantly ‘sharper’ and energised. These organic supplements are ideal when deadlines are looming, if you struggle to get out of bed, and to boost overall immunity, thanks to organic astragalus, which also protects the cardiovascular system. Shilajit, maca, lion’s mane, rhodiola, ginkgo and organic stevia are some of the powerful ingredients in this blend that also help boost a sluggish brain.