Brands are always focused on selling their latest product, so we welcomed these lighthearted April fool laughs from some of our faves. Did you fall for any of them?

Beauty lovers will buy literally anything Huda Beauty releases, so we can see why they might have been intrigued by lashes for their pooch. However, the only new product from Huda is her Olivia Lashes.

Sand & Sky are an Australian brand known for their phenomenal pink clay mask. Vegemite is HUGE in Australia, so they announced they were releasing ‘The Happy Little Vegemite Mask’ and said that “Even Aussie Victoria Secret models are loving it”. To be honest, if you do love Vegemite, this may have been an easy one to get on board with.

Pictured left is Sand & Sky’s April fool prank and right is their original pink mask

Beauty Bay featured in our top 5 online shopping sites last month so you can understand why some makeup lovers went crazy for their ‘latest palette’. Even those who got the joke still commented that perhaps they should bring the palette out anyway because they loved the shades.