If Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr swear by rosehip oil, it’s worth a try

Flawless, dewy and radiant skin is without a doubt something we all want. While a good night’s sleep, taking your vitamins and supplements, and the food you consume does count, at the end of the day, the products you apply on your skin religiously, matter too. While rosehip oil isn’t new to the skincare industry, we’ve recently swapped our night moisturiser for this rejuvenating oil, and have been noticing a transformation in skin elasticity and hydration. The oil has rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties, and helps diminish the appearance of scars and spots while deeply hydrating your skin.

Rosehip oil is derived from the fruit seeds of a specific rose variety, after the rose has dropped its petals. The seeds are cold-pressed to extract the oil, which is packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and essential fatty acids. The brown-orange hue oil has high levels of Vitamin C, which stimulate collagen production, regenerate and protect the skin. It also contains Vitamin A molecules that penetrate deep into your epidermis, improving your moisture levels, which visually reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The moisturising oil works great for those who have dry skin, rosacea and eczema, as i helps even out skin tone while gradually diminishing pigmentation.

Boscia Rosehip Omega Face Oil

This plant-powered oil contains other botanicals such as rose oil, black cumin seeds and avocado oil to hydrate, brighten skin and promote collage and regeneration so that your skin has that youthful glow.

$42 at sephora.ae 


Sukin Rose Hip Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, beta carotene and the powerful anti-ageing antioxidant lycopene, this certified organic oil instantly makes your skin look radiant and healthy. The product is made with powerful and effective Australian ingredients, and is apt for dry and dull skin.

$18 at lookfantastic.com


Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

To bring your skin back to its’ healthy state, use this oil packed with minimum 80% essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and Omega 9 content. Massage into skin to hydrate and protect against signs of ageing.

$29 at ulta.com