Here are our 5 favourite summer nail trends to try next time you visit your manicurist and 4 ways to keep your mani looking perfect for longer.

Polka Dots: pictured above by @a.nailartist

Polka dots look cute in both multi and singular colour.

Simple Stripes

A stripe on a neutral nail is perfect if you prefer your art more simplistic and subtle.

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Simple stripes

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We think these will go with everything, including your favourite Tortoiseshell sunnies!

Tie Die

Unleash your inner hippy and go bright with a gorgeous tie dye set.


When is a little bling not in? Bejeweled nails are sure to get you lots of compliments.

Extend your beautiful manicure that bit longer by following a few simple nail care tips:
  • Moisturise. 

Invest in a good hand cream and make the time to apply it after your morning shower and in the evening before bedtime.

We recommend: Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion by Margaret Dabbs

  • Care for your cuticles. 

A pretty mani with dry cuticles is not a good look. Purchase a good cuticle oil and apply after your hand cream before you go to bed – apply generously and gentle massage in, leaving a little excess on your cuticles to soak through overnight.

We recommend: Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil

  • Avoid Heat and Water Immediately After Your Manicure. 

Complete hardening of regular varnish (not gel) can take up to 12 hours so be careful when washing your hands. Avoid washing them for 1-2 hours afterwards if possible and when washing within the 12-hour window, use lukewarm water – too hot and this could loosen the polish and cause it to lift.

  • Feed your Nails.

Get in the habit of taking vitamins and supplements like B-12, Zinc and Iron to keep your nails growing healthy and strong.

If nail art isn’t your thing, you can make sure you are trend setting by picking one of these solo colours