Making a stand towards products tested on animals? Look no further than The Face Shop for your skincare essentials. The brand offers a wide range of products with ingredients derived from nature, such as jeju clay to cleanse pores, aloe vera, pearl, Tibetan mushroom, mango seeds, chia seeds and more.

Why use natural ingredients for your skin?

The Jeju Volcanic Clay is a natural porous ingredient formed 600,000 years ago and is useful for deep cleansing pores, while Aloe Vera extract moisturizes the skin preventing dehydration and roughness. Chia seeds, on the other hand, hold 10 times more water than its own weight and is also a natural moisturizing barrier for clear and dewy skin.

Which one should you try?

To purify skin: try the Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay collection which consists of a soothing gel, nose strips, mud pack and toner.

To hydrate skin: the Jeju Aloe fresh soothing gel is ideal and can be used both on the face and body for an instant cooling relief.

As the ingredients are naturally derived with age old beauty enhancing traditions, The Face Shop sources its raw materials ethically and strongly believe in supporting the cause of not harming any animal in the process.