The CEO of Payot, Marie-Laure Simonin Braun, reveals French women’s beauty secrets and the products to use for glowing skin

What are your personal beauty tips?

I do my best to practice Payot ‘Gym Beaute’ (facial fitness) on a daily basis, for its short-term benefits and long terms gratifications. It’s fun, it takes only two minutes, and you can exercise wherever, whenever, whatever.


What’s your advice for glowing skin?

I would say, make sure that you exfoliate skin and use a weekly mask, this will help to refine pores and give a lighter and brighter complexion. You should also avoid using water on your skin if you aren’t following it with a toner. Water is not pH balanced to your skin, water has a neutral pH of 7 and skin should have a pH balance of around 5.5, therefore every time you splash water on your skin or you rinse your face with water it will upset the pH balance which can cause skin to become dry or sensitive. Using a toner, after you put water on your skin, will help you to maintain a glowing complexion.


What’s your favorite ‘quick fix’ treatment that shows results in a relatively fast time?

My quick fix would be to use an eye cream that will instantly brighten the face. I keep my eye cream in the fridge which gives a very refreshing sensation and I follow that with ‘My Payot’ day cream which immediately illuminates and gives skin a beautiful glow.


At what age should women start seriously thinking about preventing aging?

I would say you should start taking care of your cleansing routine from a very young age, French women in particular become interested in skincare before they are interested in makeup which helps them to maintain great skin. We should begin a skin cleansing routine from around 15 years old and an eye care routine around from around 25 years old. The eye area is very sensitive so it’s important to have specific products for the eye contour area.


How does wearing makeup everyday impact the skin?

Surprisingly enough, wearing makeup every day is actually a good thing – it protects your skin, especially in countries with hot climates. The important part is making sure you thoroughly and carefully remove your makeup; this is the key to keeping your skin in good condition. Using the correct methods of makeup removal is also very important – you should ideally remove makeup with your fingertips using a cleanser – start with an upward motion that will open pores to ensure you get a deep clean, then repeat in a downward motion that will close pores and remove any remaining makeup.


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