What Is PRP For Skin Rejuvenation?

Dr Lama Jalouk, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Laser Therapist at Aesthetics by King’s College Hospital London Dubai tells us everything tehre is to know about PRP For Skin Rejuvenation   Going natural is trending, and the aesthetics industry is fast catching up. Add that to minimal downtime after an aesthetic treatment and you have a win win. One of the most…

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The Best Anti-Aging Products

Beauty Solutions offers a range of the best Anti-aging products to keep that young glow  Regularly using anti-aging products can help treat fine lines and wrinkles without making a trip to a cosmetic surgeon. Here are some to try:   Pestle & Mortar: Superstar Night Oil (AED 425)  The retinol oil uses two types of retinol oil and balances oil…

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Belif Is Now Available At The Face Shop

The Face Shop brings in the very special and one of Sephora US’s most loved brand – Belif The brand revolves around extreme nutrients and hydration formulated with superior ingredients that  refreshes the skin while providing intense moisture. This thirst-quenching collection is all you need this season! Belif’s hero product includes The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb – a must-have for…

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Does Alcohol Harm Your Skin?

If you look closely at the ingredients in your skincare, you may sometimes notice it has alcohol in it. Rebecca Treston answers a question on everyone’s mind. Does alcohol harm your skin? Alcohol has a perhaps unexpected impact on our complexion – it is one of most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin. It affects any mucous membrane – it…

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Rodial’s SS20 Make-Up

Rodial have unveiled must-have items for your make up kit. Ready to revamp your look and bag for the season ahead? MRS Rodial Palette (AED 429) A combination of bespoke, sophisticated and beautifully wearable neutral tones designed to be used on the eye and complexion. The versatile tones allow any complexion to wear these shades at any time of the…

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Skincare For A Ski Trip

Going skiing? Rebecca Treston shares everything you need to know about protecting your skin on a ski trip I am planning to go skiing later in the month. How should I adapt skincare routine for the colder weather? If you are planning to spend some time in a colder climate you will undoubtedly be exposed to central heating, which can…

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Help! I Have So Many Skin Problems

Dr. Kayle shares his favourite treatments for those who have skin problems   I feel I have so many different skin problems – acne, sun damage and aging -that I feel I need a total skin overhaul or even a skin transplant! Is there a treatment that can help me overcome them all? Perhaps you should consider a laser treatment.…

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