Save your locks from dehydration and damage with these hair care essentials

Oribe Moisture & Control Soft Dry Conditioner Spray (Dhs179)

This weightless silkening spray leaves hair incredibly soft, with a natural sheen and smoothness. Available at Tips & Toes

Anivagene Hair Repairing Mask (Dhs103)

This paraben-and allergen-free mask deeply nourishes hair and re-builds hair fibre. It also protects your hair length and prevents breakage, as it’s rich in Panthenol, argan oil and hydrolized keratin. Available at BinSina pharmacies and

PLAYA Ritual Hair Oil (Dhs139)

Playa’s clever Ritual hair oil penetrates to heal damaged and brittle strands with a blend of essential nutrients like vitamins E and K, fruit and plant oils as well as lycopene. Kukui, apricot and coconut oils effectively balance and restore moisture to parted hair while also softening brittle strands. California sunflower oil tames frizz and replenishes lost lustre for shine and finally, lycopene (a natural UV protectant extracted from tomatoes) protects hair from sun and environmental damage. Available at cultbeauty,com

Vierro Weather Protect products

hair care essentials

Designed specifically for the climatic conditions in the Middle East, the range features a blend of oils and proteins to protect your hair from build-up caused by dust, humidity and heat. The Tea Tree oil in the formula helps to control dandruff, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. The entire range helps tame frizz – with milk protein – and contains rich fatty acids such as flaxseed oil, to maintain moisture and prevent drying. The range is available from Dhs8.50 for the shampoo and Dhs11.50 for the conditioner at hypermarkets.

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