Fan of Joelle Paris skincare? You will love the new face mask and body firming cream

The Super Model body contouring cream comprises a powerful blend of ingredients including Centella asiatic, Crica papaya and Citrus fruit extracts that visibly firm, lift and shapes the areas you want. The cream targets problem areas, while effectively toning and smoothing skin with regular use.

Super Model by Joelle Paris uses the power of Carica Papaya (papain) – which helps with the natural exfoliation process of skin cells – while simultaneously increasing the microcirculation flow. It also helps to reduce pigmentation and enhances cellular turnover for improved skin tone and texture, while preventing clogged pores. The Super Model cream shows visible results after the first application. All you have to do is apply the cream using the top massager to firm and lift skin instantly. The formula works best when used twice daily, every day, on the target areas.

The Joelle Paris Super Model cream is $76 online

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