Anivagene hair loss expert, Maria Igglezou answers all your hair-loss related questions

What are the main triggers of hair loss?

Hair loss can be triggered by many things – it’s important to know these triggers in order to narrow down the reason for your hair loss. The main causes of hair loss are health issues, stress, hormonal changes, side effects of harsh hair products such as Keratin Treatments, side effects of medication or genetic predisposition. Some of these triggers can be avoided whereas others occur naturally.

Am I causing my hair loss?

It depends on the reason for your hair loss. If you are experiencing increased hair loss due to a medical condition or health concern then this will depend on your body and immune system, the hair fall should decrease as your health improves. Other factors such as stress or using harsh chemicals on your hair can be controlled and therefore this hair fall is easier to manage.

How can I reduce hair loss?

Hair loss can usually be managed depending on the trigger/cause – try using a haircare range that is specifically catered to treating hair loss.

The solution?

Use a topical hair loss product such as the Anivagene range. Maria mentions it’s important to be patient and consistent with these products, as they will reduce your current fall and prevent further hair loss by continuing to work after the treatment has stopped, so always follow the treatment guidelines and use for the recommended amount of time.

Anivagene hair loss products are available for Dhs89.25 across leading pharmacies in the UAE including Burjeel Pharmacy, BinSina Pharmacy and selected Boots locations.