Cryo is a great long-term solution for stubborn fat cells

If you’ve been trying to shed a few pounds, but those pesky fat cells and cellulite just won’t budge, it’s time to give CRYO Slim a try.

Fat cells are naturally destroyed when the body temperature is low enough and °CRYO Slim works by using sub-zero temperatures to wipe out unsightly body fat. The all-natural method is a completely safe fat-busting technique using science that works with your body’s innate rhythms. This is why °CRYO Slim sessions are recommended at fortnightly intervals, to ensure your body’s lymphatic system has time to recover in between sessions.

No gimmicks, no invasive procedures, no early morning boot camp and definitely no surgery, just a relaxing visit to the °CRYO clinic to freeze away that fat – that’s all you need!

And what better time to try it than now, with these incredible summer offers – up to 70% off.

CRYO Slimming – 5 PACK

Buy a package of 5 sessions and receive 5 FREE whole-body cryotherapy sessions worth AED 2,000.

Original Price: AED 14,000 (AED 2,800 per session) Now clients pay: AED 5,600 (AED 1,120 per session) *T&Cs Apply


CRYO Slimming – 10 PACK

Buy a package of 10 sessions and receive 5 FREE whole-body cryotherapy session (worth AED 2,000) + 2 FREE °CRYO Slim Facials (worth AED 2,400)!

Original Price: AED 28,000 (AED 2800 per session) Now clients pay: AED 8,400 (AED 840 per session) *T&Cs Apply

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