Follow these smart facial oil tips from Rebecca Treston

I want to incorporate a facial oil into my skincare regime. Is this a good idea and when should I use it?

It depends what oil you are planning to use. If they are very heavy for the skin and do not let it breathe then oil could have a detrimental effect. But any of the patients that I have who use oils that are suitable for their skin have not had any adverse effects.

The crucial factor is that you make sure that you choose an oil that will offer benefits for your skin type. For instance, you can have aromatherapy oils that can balance the skin and oils that offer antibacterial qualities etc. They can offer terrific benefits for the skin but it is important to remember that oils are not suitable for every skin type. For instance, coconut oil from a jar does not work on every skin type – it can block the pores, which can be a problem for skin types that are prone to breakouts. In general, oils that have been refined and can be absorbed more easily thanks to their smaller molecules can be very beneficial.

The best time to use a facial oil is at night. This is when the skin is at rest and the oil can have a really great impact on the skin’s nourishment.  It is also when your skin is least likely to pick up bacteria from the air. Before choosing your oil, consult with a skincare expert who can advise you on your skin type and what – if any – oils are best suited to your skin.

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