Rashad Almoosa, Managing Director at Eve beauty Trading (sole agents for Alissi Bronte in the UAE) and Deputy Managing Director at Gulf Drug discusses why organic skincare is becoming a popular choice for those interested in natural beauty brands


Why is organic skincare the better choice?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is therefore important that what you put on your body is as healthy as what you take in. The skin absorbs what is applied to it, harmful or otherwise. You, therefore, must make the right choice and that choice is to go natural and organic so that what is absorbed is beneficial and not harmful to the body. Organic skincare is the better choice as you are feeding your skin with healthy nutrients which when absorbed into the body and the bloodstream will do no harm.


What exactly is organic skincare?

Organic skincare is made using natural raw materials such as herbs and flowers that have not been grown using harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which are toxic to the human body, especially when large amounts are absorbed over a long period of time. Genuine organic and natural skincare utilizes materials grown using best practices in terms of natural pest control and organic fertilizers, and is not generated or synthesized in a laboratory which processes ingredients in a manner similar to a refinery.  They are also grown in a sustainable manner and not harmful to the environment. Imagine how many toxins you leave out of your body when using organic products?


Which skin type is it suitable for?

Organic skincare is great for all skin types and all ages. That being said, there are 3 groups of people for whom it is especially safe: pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies. This is because when a woman is pregnant, everything she takes in, as well as whatever she applies externally to her skin, is absorbed by the body and finds its way to the fetus. If anything harmful reaches the fetus, this can result in very unfortunate consequences. The same is also true for nursing moms whose milk also absorbs whatever is in the body. Baby’s skin is very delicate and needs only the gentlest of ingredients to keep the skin healthy. Using products that contain chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, etc will result in allergic reactions and may even cause other more serious health complications in the long run. Every organic skin care product is unique and is tailor-made specifically for a skin type or skin concern, it is not a one size fits all scenario where products are made for the skin but regardless of what needs to be treated.


They say there is no such thing as a 100 per cent organic product – how can customers distinguish whether or not a product is good for him/her when about 10 per cent isn’t organic?

In distinguishing whether a product that is not 100% organic is good for him/her, one must ensure that it is certified organic by a reputable certifying body, as is the case with Alissi Brontë, where the entire production chain has been certified organic and natural. The farms where the raw materials are grown right through to the manufacturing processes are all certified. This is important as it is easy to simply claim that a skincare product is organic but if it hasn’t gone through the rigorous processes of certification, then one cannot be too certain of what you are buying. In genuine organic products, there needs to be a small amount of preservative and emulsifier to make sure the product lasts, and to keep it well mixed, thus retaining the right texture. The preservative and emulsifier is safe and only the smallest amount possible is used to make it effective. The contents of the product should always be over 90% organic.


What should customers be looking for when buying organic products?

When buying organic products, one should look for official certification as to the origins of the materials and the processes. One should also buy from reputable sellers and the products must have “use by” dates. It is also important to check whether the products have been made in a sustainable manner, as genuine organic skin care products are sustainable. Lastly, has consideration for the planet been taken into account, in terms of processes, packaging and disposal of leftover products. If they are organic, then any creams thrown away will simply degrade safely into the environment, whereas products with chemicals can pose a health threat when discarded. Packaging must be recyclable as well.


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