Maison Lutetia isn’t your run-of-the-mill clinic or salon. We toured the premises to explore their treatment rooms, indulge in a facial, and learn plenty of skincare tips 

Imagine entering into Louis XIV’s palace with modern-day elements. Nestled across Dubai Festival City Mall is this renowned French clinic that brings to Dubai the best of French skincare. The Dubai outpost of this French import boasts opulent treatment rooms, ladies’ only lounges, a barber and salon, all with attention to detail. The chic, elongated corridors, stunning pink walls, gold fixtures, artwork, and ambient lighting are all Instagram-worthy photo ops that you will find yourself snapping.

The menu features everything from body contouring to facial procedures such as fillers, medical peels, skin boosters, carbon facial, laser hair removal, and hair implantation treatments, amongst other services, for men and women. We went in to treat lacklustre, congested skin with the Expert Cellular Facial. As you slip into your robe in the treatment room – which resembles a sophisticated living room – take a moment to relax and browse through a magazine before you meet with your doctor for a consultation.

The Treatment

It begins with aquabrasion to bathe skins in acids suitable for your skin – glycolic acid was applied on mine to exfoliate the layer of dead skin cells – followed by suction to remove impurities from the pores. A rejuvenating serum is applied all over the face, which reacts with the C02 capsule to plump your skin with oxygen – you can actually feel the mixture bubbling up on your skin after a minute or so. A cool gel is then applied on the skin, followed by radio waves that penetrate into the hypodermis (made of fat and connective tissue) to tighten skin and the facial structure, and simulate collagen. This was performed mainly on my jaw, cheekbones, chin and neck area. To calm skin down soon after, an LED light is placed on for a few minutes, followed by deep hydration for the pores with hyaluronic acid. My skin was slightly red after the treatment; however, it did dissipate after a few hours to reveal fresh clean skin.

The Verdict

My complexion looked incredibly radiant the minute I stepped out of the clinic, and that evening I did notice a few dead skin cells peeling off. I was told this would happen and that I needed a hydrating moisturizer and SPF. For long-lasting results, my therapist suggested another facial after a few weeks, and the use of Vitamin C and SPF as part of my daily skin routine.

Details: The facial is priced at Dhs1,000. Contact +9714 706 4000 or visit Maison Lutetia Dubai


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