Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops allows you to customize your shade and coverage to suits your skin tone

These award winning, revolutionary drops of pure pigment allows you to alter the shade of your favourite tinted moisturizer and foundation for the coverage level and finish you desire. Available in 30 shades, the weightless Cover Drops can be used to adjust just about any liquid products, making it perfect for those who tend to tan over summer.

How to use it?

To Tint A Moisturizer: Mix with your favorite cream, lotion, gel, or oil

For Foundation: Mix it with your favorite primer for high performance wear

Adjust Foundation/Concealer Shades: Mix a lighter or deeper shade of the drops with an existing foundation to lighten or deepen without changing the finish. Apply with brush or sponge.

The Cover FXCustom Cover Drops are available for $29 at Sephora