Not keeping up with your New Year Resolutions of eating wholesome and living a healthy lifestyle? Fret not, you can begin your cleanse and tackle anti-aging with natural-based compounds from marine-based beauty nutrition range, Amphis.

The scientifically developed range offers a holistic approach to skin, bone health, and hair and nails, making sure it attains all the nutrients and benefits in the body. The range features products such as the Cosmetic cleansing tisane (herbal tea drink with sea algae complex. Mate green tea and rooibos, fennel and grapefruit) to cleanse the body and skin from within; Skin Nutrients (capsules formulated with hyaluronic acids, Co Enzyme Q10 and a potent mixture of hydrating sea-sourced ingredients) to amp up your antioxidant, vitamin and mineral intake); and Hair and Nail nutrients (oral liquid sachet) which boasts an orange flavor, and is packed with everything from Vitamin C to calcium, Vitamin B2, B3, and B12, beta carotene, and plenty of other ingredients for lustrous and healthy locks and nails. The entire range is free from sugar, parabens and shellfish, and isn’t tested on animals.

The Amphis Skin Nutrition is Dhs399, the Hair and Nail supplements are Dhs399 at the Tisane is Dhs147 at