Renowned UK brand Argan Liquid Gold has finally made its way to the Middle East

Argan Liquid Gold

What makes Argan Liquid Gold special? It’s made with 100% pure, organic first grade Argan Oil and enhanced with 24 carat gold to fight signs of aging while revitalising and healing skin. It provides cellular protection and promote new cell growth, which makes it a vanity essential.

The increasing demand from the Middle Eastern consumers for high quality natural and ethical beauty products was the driving force for Argan Liquid Gold to expand in the region. Founded by British-Moroccan May Hamid, an expert facialist with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, the oil was created as May found Argan products in the market underwhelming, with vendors soaking the Argan seeds in solvents and chemicals – resulting in lower grade oil that can actually cause more harm than good to the skin.

The range consists of six products, including this 100 per cent Pure & Organic oil with properties such as Vitamin E, squalene, carotenes and fatty acids.

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