Tracey Devine, Creative Director and Affinage’s Global Ambassador shares her top tips to revive your hair in 2019

Cut your split ends. Trims are recommended every 4-6 weeks to keep dead ends, old colour and chemical build up at bay. Regular trims also boost hair growth.

Sort out your cosmetic cabinet. Treat yourself to some self-love by investing in sulphate and paraben-free products that your hair will thank you for.

Make the “au natural” look your go-to hairstyle. Adopt a Parisian outlook to your beauty regime – less is more. Let your hair dry naturally instead of taxing it with blow drying, flat ironing and hair curling. Regular intense heat will take a toll on your hair, leading to hair damage and breakage. Experiment with creative hairdos like braids, top knot buns and natural waves.

Keep up with your greys and ditch the chemical-laden colour treatment by opting for a root kit instead. Affinage products are 99% natural and vegan – better for you and the planet.

If you’re going to use an oil to control frizz or dryness – choose the right oil. Use an oil with Vitamins A & E and protect your locks from the sun with a UV filter. Looking for lush? Argan oil smells amazing as well as smoothing and strengthening the hair.