Catherine Hawkes, Hair Artistic Director at Tips & Toes shares advice for blondes

Using Too Much Heat

Usually blonde hair has been processed to make it that beautiful bright blonde. This makes the hair a little sensitive which means you have to handle it with more care. Using excessive heat with curling irons, straighteners or a hot hair dryer can cause the colour to change. More often than not, heat from tools is what causes blonde hair tones to fade into the more orange brassy tones that no one wants. The best thing to do would be to use a heat protector or a primer for the hair such as Redken ‘pillow proof’ before styling. This will act as a barrier for heat up to 450°f and balance out the porosity levels which not only reduces the styling time but also means you do not have to turn up the heat on your styling tools which also keeps the hair healthy.

Bad Hair Days

Listen, we all have them but scrunching your hair into a messy bun, using the tightest elastic can really add strain to your hair. If you have sensitive hair through it being coloured blonde, you need to be especially careful when it comes to twisting and tying up your hair with a hair elastic. These cause a lot of pressure on the hair and they are one of the biggest causes of hair breakage. I have had many clients come in with breakage and when I look at how they tie their hair up, it’s exactly on the point of where the elastic sits. If you must tie it up, I would suggest using an Invisibobble. These are coiled up hair bands that reduce the pressure on your hair, they even the pressure out as opposed to traditional hair bands putting pressure and holding your hair in one place. Another way you can minimise damage is by braiding your hair rather than putting it in a tight twist. This will ensure the hairs cuticles are facing the correct way and saves matting.

Too Much Moisture?

Many blondes have dry hair and that’s usually because it’s been highlighted or coloured. The hair may not be damaged but feels dryer than natural, virgin hair. Blonde hair also does not reflect light as much as dark tones, so can look dryer and dull as opposed to gorgeously glossy. This usually means blondes are out buying shampoo’s and other hair products for intense moisture. Usually these shampoos are intended more dry, thick, frizzy hair and they work by adding weight to smooth the hair out. This can leave blonde hair looking flat and greasy and will then make it lack even more shine. As a blonde (and I’m talking in general as there are many different hair types) I would try and go for a shampoo that contains more protein or invest in shampoos that have been specifically created for blondes. Redken have the ‘colour extend blond age’ range which is a fantastic tonal shampoo that keeps the brassy tones away. Another brand I love is Schwarzkopf and they have a range called ‘blonde me’ where you can choose between products for all types of blondes including warm or cool blondes, therefore helping you to keep your desired tone between salon visits.

Dirty Hair

A myth when it comes to hair and something I often hear people say is they don’t want to wash their hair as they believe the colour will fade or their hair will dry out. Well, when it comes to blonde hair, you can imagine its’ colour similar to that of a piece of white paper or a white rug. It gets dirty very quickly and can then lose its glow. Generally speaking, the longer you leave the hair between washes, the more hair will lose its tone and shine. When it comes to washing your hair, you can do this as often as you need to, as this is very different for everyone but generally, I would suggest washing it every other day. One way to ensure your blonde hair remains bright and full of moisture is to use the right shampoo and conditioner. There are so many great products on the market but right now the Tips & Toes team are loving all of the blonde products from the Oribe brand.

Correct Brushing

The most basic thing we do to our hair can have the biggest consequences. Personally, I swear by my Tangle Teezer and you can find them in literally every room of my house, not to mention a few in my car and they are also a staple in my handbag. When you need to brush your hair and this is especially important for blondes, you shouldn’t use a comb or paddle brush with bubbles on the end of the bristles. Using the wrong tool is one of the easiest ways to rip through your hair causing breakage, which is obviously not ideal.