Daily Archives: October 15, 2019

Scalp Scrub

What’s A Scalp Scrub?

Have you tired a scalp scrub? We should be treating our scalp the same way we do our bodies. Every once in a while, it needs a deep cleanse to get rid of dead skin cells and dry patches. Here are two to try: OUAI HAIRCAREBody & Scalp Scrub Hair stylist extraordinaire Jen Atkin developed this Scalp & Body Scrub…

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Hump Day Treat: Zit Stick Killa

Here’s one way to get rid of a zit asap ZitSticka KILLA Need to get rid of a pimple asap? This genius spot treatment dissolves blemishes at their source rather than at the skin’s surface. Designed for deep, cystic varieties in their early stages, it has 24 microdarts to allow a potent potion of zit-reducing ingredients to enter and work…

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