Daily Archives: October 6, 2019


Collagen Sachets from Joelle Paris

If you’re a fan of collagen drinks, add this one to your list The Beauty in a box from Joelle Paris, is a jelly stick that promotes the synthesis of collagen and enhances the skin texture within just two weeks. It has double the anti-aging properties and contains pineapple extract to makes it refreshing and delicious. The drink has anti-aging…

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BB Glow

Rebecca Treston Discusses BB Glow

Looking to try the BB Glow? Here’s everything you need to know about it I read about this new treatment called BB GLOW. What is your opinion on it? For those who do not know, BB Glow is a treatment that uses the well-trusted and entirely safe procedure of Microneedling to tattoo BB Cream into the skin as a form of…

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